Google to allow crypto-related ads in January 2024

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Google to allow crypto-related ads in January 2024
Cryptocurrency Advertising on Google Ads (Summary):
Limited without permission: Crypto ads generally require written permission, except for:
  • Businesses accepting crypto payments (not exchange)
  • Mining hardware, tax/legal services, security services
  • Educational materials on blockchain (not marketing tokens)

NFT games allowed:
  • Games with in-game item purchases (virtual apparel, weapons)
  • Must comply with local laws and industry standards

NFT games NOT allowed:
  • Wagering/staking NFTs for real-world value (including other NFTs)
  • Social casino games rewarding NFTs
  • Gambling destinations or related ads

Hardware wallets allowed (certified):
  • Devices for storing private keys (no trading/exchange features)

Crypto exchanges/software wallets (licensed & certified):
  • Only in approved countries/regions
  • Apply for certification for each country/region
NOT allowed:
  • ICOs, DeFi protocols, promoting cryptocurrency purchase/sale/trade
  • Cryptocurrency signals, investment advice, aggregators/affiliate sites

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